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HAIZHEN Agar Powder is extracted from Gracilaria verrucosa,a kind of marine red alga. It features high gel strength, strong coagulating power, high absorption, and high purity PH value of 6.5-6.8 and good stability (max.gel strength up to 1500g/cm2

Shantou Chenghai District Agar Glue Factory

As a stabilizer for ice cream and ice cream production, soft candy sugar base, cake filling cake decoration; canned water retention agent, thickener to promote the coagulation of soup; soy sauce, jam and seasoning stabilizer, to prevent component separation; juice, pulp type Drink suspending agent to prevent sinking of solids; beer clarifying agent can promote foam stability; jelly added to this product can be more flexible and improve taste.
As an emulsion, shampoo, and hair emulsifier; adding toothpaste to the product or as a substrate can promote the paste tissue to be more complete, dispersible and easy to rinse.
As electrophoresis measurement, layer split folding, polymer compound separation carrier; bacterial culture medium; cod liver oil emulsifier; medicine as laxative, greasy agent, hollow capsule.
Agar is the best solid agent and can be used in plant media to act as a carrier.
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