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Prospect of agar

2018/11/16 09:32
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Agar is widely used in many aspects such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry and bioengineering. In addition, agar itself is rich in water-soluble dietary.

Agar is widely used in many aspects such as food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical industry and bioengineering. In addition, agar itself is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, which has the health effects of detoxifying and nourishing, lowering blood sugar and lowering blood fat, and has become the new darling of the food market. According to incomplete statistics, the annual global demand for agar is about 30,000 tons. In the past decade or so, due to the limitation of raw materials, the annual production of agar in the world is only about 20,000 tons, and the supply and demand gap is more than 10,000. Ton. The price of agar in the international market is also rising. According to forecasts, Agar has an annual market of about US$500 million.


The development of the agar industry has promoted the rapid development of agar-based seaweed farming, solved a large number of labor employment and promoted the growth of the rural economy. In addition, algae digests carbon, ammonia, phosphorus, sulfur and other nutrients in seawater through its own photosynthesis, thereby maintaining the balance of marine ecological environment and promoting the cultivation of other economic animals such as shellfish. Therefore, the development of the agar industry has important economic, social and ecological benefits, and it also directly or indirectly becomes an indispensable link for the construction of the marine fishery ecological chain and the marine fishery industry economic chain. With the wide application of agar in the food industry, it will have broad market prospects.

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